REFASHIOND Ecosystem Coalition

We are building an ecosystem of industry enterprises, academic institutions, non-profits, think tanks, government agencies, and emerging companies. Each member of our coalition is aligned on ensuring proprietary industry access, with repeatable, scalable, and expedited market adoption for the startups in which we invest.

We understand that, to succeed, emerging companies need access to the right advisors, partners, and paying customers. We help startups building the future of the fashion supply chain stack the deck in their favor.

The New York Supply Chain Meetup

The mission of The New York Supply Chain Meetup is to nurture and grow the world’s foremost open, global, and multidisciplinary community of people devoted to building the supply chain networks of the future - starting in NYC.

Within our first year of existence we have become the world’s largest meetup community focused on supply chain, technology, and innovation. You can learn more about #TNYSCM by visiting our website at

The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation

The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation (#TWSCF) is the collaborative, and mutually supportive coalition of grassroots communities focused on technology and innovation in the global supply chain industry. The New York Supply Chain Meetup is its originating chapter.