We get you.

You won’t need to spend the first few meetings with us explaining supply chains.

We are enthusiastic supply chain nerds who have dedicated the rest of our lives to enabling meaningful change by directing our energies where supply chains, technology, innovation, and community intersect.

Brian grew up in Northern Ghana, where most of his family and relatives are peasant farmers who live on less than $2 per day.

Lisa is one generation from the farmers and seamstresses of Puerto Rico, where 43.5% of the population lives in poverty.

We believe in the power of technological invention and innovation in global supply chain networks to drive competitive advantage for individual companies, and to fuel economic development for entire countries.

In the developed world, supply chain optimization and localization are combining to create new personalized and customized experiences for consumers. This is changing their expectations, and creating new opportunities and challenges for incumbent companies as well as startups across various mature industries.

In the developing world, supply chain innovation can drive increased trade, increased consumption, and higher economic output. Taken together, these contribute to improved lives and increased prosperity.

There is nothing either of us could do with the rest of our lives that could have a higher impact on the world as championing, and investing in the entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists building the supply chain networks of the future. We are enthusiastically obsessed with technology, innovation, and supply chain. We’re not ashamed to admit that. Supply chain people are our people.


  • Innovation in supply chain is the foundation for all other sustainable innovation.

  • Supply chain innovation is an economic multiplier.

  • The future of global supply chains is more collaborative.

  • We’ve reached the tipping point.


  • Unprecedented convergence is occurring due to digitization.

  • Global trade and consumption are increasing.

  • We have a little over a decade left on our collective countdown to save humankind.*
    (source: U.N. General Assembly, 73rd Session, High-Level Meeting on Climate & Sustainability)


  • The world is a supply chain.™

  • Software is eating the world.

  • Disruption creates opportunity.


We are building a venture firm to invest in early-stage startups creating innovations to reinvent supply chains.

Our Story

We are a design thinking entrepreneur and a research-driven venture capitalist who have set out to build an early-stage venture fund that specializes in supply chain technology and innovation.

We started by building The New York Supply Chain Meetup. Our personal drive and enthusiasm for, and expertise on, the convergence of global supply chains, has helped us grow that community to 1540+ interdisciplinary members in less than a year — making it the largest and fastest growing meetup focused on supply chain, technology, and innovation in the world.

Next, we are enabling other people who are as enthusiastic as we are about technology and innovation in global supply chains to launch sister chapters under the auspices of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation. The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation is the collaborative, multidisciplinary, open, and mutually supportive coalition of grassroots communities focused on technology and innovation in the global supply chain industry. The New York Supply Chain Meetup is its founding chapter.

We are currently aligning our global networks across entrepreneurs, corporate executives, academics, engineers, industry experts, investors and others in the supply chain technology ecosystem; under the REFASHIOND Ecosystem Coalition.

We understand that, to succeed, emerging companies need access to the right advisors, partners, and paying customers. We help startups in our portfolio stack the deck in their favor.